1912 Maxwell

Offered at only $37,500.00!

Produced by the United States Motor Car Company the Mascotte was the
middle size car for the 1912. It was however larger than most other
mid- priced autos of the day. Mascotte's were priced just under $1,000.
without the optional top. In today's economy it would sell in the
$40,000. range. Many modern mechanical features of the day are incorporated
into the Mascotte's design, however, it does not have electric start,
electric lights which were first offered only on the 1912 Cadillac.
This particular car shows only 6500 miles on the only instrument gage,
a speedometer/odometer. Most of it's history was spent in museums.
In 1974 a restoration was performed. Mr. Gerald Fields of Beverly
Hills, California owned the car from 1975 until the early 1990's when
it again returned to museum display. We purchased the car during museum
liquidation in June 1997. With only minor preparation it started and
continues to perform well. It's driven often during the summer and
has participated in parades and local car shows. It's believed to
be one of only four remaining Maxwell Mascotte Tourings in the World.

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